CC Doesn’t Date

thumbMany of my friends have created hashtags for their relationship…you know, to be hip, like kiddos. So when they post pictures of their coupledom, they hashtag with the relationship hashtag. I think its adorable and fun…but I felt left out. I have no relationship to hashtag about.

So…#ccdoesntdate was born.

Being single is difficult and at times, its hard to not just get into a relationship to avoid being single. I’m a smart girl and as I have blogged about before…I don’t want to force anything. I prefer things to progress naturally. In the meantime, I think its important for me to go out, spend time with interesting people and allow for things to progress naturally.

#ccdoesntdate represents this philosophy I have adopted for my social life right now. I am not looking to date anyone, as in be in a full-fledged relationship with anyone. I just want to get to know people, have some fun and see what happens.

The #ccdoesntdate hashtag shows up on pictures where I am doing just that or when I am being loved in other ways…because guess what, romantic love is not the only satisfying love out there.

Live. Laugh. Love.

Steel Magnolias


This weekend, I stayed in a fancy hotel in Los Colinas with two of the girls. It was really fun. We stayed up late Friday night talking about girl stuff…it felt like a teenage sleep over. We played with hair and makeup, we talked to friends on the phone and goofed off on the net… You know, typical teenage girl stuff.

Anyway, I learned something about myself. I am not a fan of the industrial, modern loft-style. It felt like a fancy prison… Like maybe I was guilty of some white collar crime. Everything was a shade of gray (yes, there were probably 50 shades) and white (some reds and browns, including an awesome exposed brick wall) and had a warehouse-ish feeling. Everything except the bed was hard and cold… I just didn’t like it that much.

I think I’m a genuine small town girl, with a touch of old Europe. ;) I like flowers in the window seals, shutters on the windows, pastel colors, claw foot tubs, pedestal sinks, detailed and ornate woodwork (but not gothic) … I like a warm, cozy feel.

Despite my dislike of the architectural style, I had a great time. The two ladies I spent the day with were the kind of people you enjoy regardless of where you are or what you are doing… The three of us could crack up laughing at the dreary-ist of events. Steel Magnolia-style! I truly love those ladies!

Things I Would Like to Do in 2014

live-laugh-loveInspired my friend, Elyse, I have made a list of things I would like to go in 2014. (You can see her list here).

Mainly, I want to live in 2014. I want to do things I have never done and I want to enjoy my life. This is a long list and many of these things won’t get done, but hopefully most of them will. :)

(My goals are on this list.)

  1. Update my passport
  2. Get a library card
  3. Have a picnic in a park with friends or family
  4. Unplug for 48 hours
  5. Make body butter
  6. Write a compliment to a friend and put it somewhere for them to find later
  7. Ride a mattress down a staircase
  8. Make a Low Calorie Italian Chicken and Vegetable Stir Fry
  9. Make a public speech
  10. Read a book a monthbooks-584
  11. Pray for pilgrams on a Walk
  12. Complete the book “52 Stories of the Bible”
  13. Get a Texas map and highlight all of the highways you have traveled
  14. Buy a homeless person a full meal
  15. Read every novel by Nicolas Sparks
  16. Visit a walk-through aquarium
  17. Lay in the road in the middle of the night and watch the stars
  18. Visit a vineyard
  19. Visit the OKC Memorial
  20. Go on a road trip with a friend or friends to somewhere we have never been
    Pineapple Upside Down Cake 1 by Yesterfood
  21. Bake a pineapple upside down cake
  22. Go Ziplining
  23. Paint a painting each month
  24. Run a 5K
  25. Stay in a haunted hotel
  26. Fly in a Hot Air Balloon
  27. Ride the train in Trinity Park
  28. Go Ice-Skating
  29. Attend a service at the First United Methodist Church in Fort Worth
  30. Make Breakfast for my mother
  31. Visit Baylor Street Art Wall in Austin, Texas
  32. Finish a Crossword Puzzle
  33. Get Dad tickets to a game at the AT&T Stadium in Dallas
  34. Go Paddleboarding
  35. Go to a Music Festival
  36. Have a classic movie marathon
  37. Spend a weekend in Dallas, doing Dallas things
  38. Go to a Farmer’s Market
  39. Fly a Kite
  40. Go bowling
  41. Make Lemon Herb Chicken
  42. Go to the Zoo
  43. Sponsor a Pilgram
  44. Go to a Pumpkin Patch
  45. Visit a Flea Market
  46. Take someone who has never been to a Drive-In Movie
  47. Watch the sunrise
  48. Play with Sidewalk Chalk
  49. Get my CHL
  50. Visit Capernaum First Century Village
  51. Do something special to celebrate love on Valentine’s Day
  52. Eat at Mary’s in Strawn
  53. See the view from the Tower of Americas in San Antonio
  54. Go to the State Fair
  55. Visit Little Bohemia
  56. Re-do Senior pictures on UT campus
  57. Visit Pioneer’s Rest in Fort Worth
  58. Solve a Rubik’s Cube
  59. Make an Orange-Banana Smoothie
  60. Travel to Buffalo Gap, Texas
  61. Have pictures done with me in a my law school graduation attire
  62. Nap beneath an ancient oak in Austin
  63. Two-Step with my Daddy
  64. Go on a hay-ride
  65. Journal a list of all time favorite quotes
  66. Watch the Swiftettes in Nazareth
  67. Visit Lady Bird Johnson’s Wildflower Center
  68. Finish a jigsaw puzzle
  69. Get a deep tissue massage
  70. Visit Texas State Cemetary
  71. Make Agape
  72. Write a Credo for my life
  73. Meet up with the girls in San Antonio for a reunion
  74. See the Diamond Loch Christmas lights
  75. Attend a service at the First Congregationalist Church in Fort Worth
  76. Visit Stonehenge II in Hunt
  77. Bell Ring for the Salvation Army
  78. Visit Munster Mansion in Waxahachiemunsterhouse05
  79. Attend a Candelight service
  80. Do something special for St. Patrick’s Day
  81. Attend a Pat Green concert
  82. Get a map of the United States – highlight the States you have visited
  83. Serve on a Walk
  84. Become CPR certified
  85. Buy and wear a size 6 suit
  86. Reach my ideal weight
  87. Visit Clark Gardens in Weatherford
  88. Make an apple pie
  89. Get admitted to another federal court
  90. Obtain a Good Credit Score
  91. Attend a service at First Presbyterian Church in Bridgeport
  92. Eat at Chef PointChef Point
  93. See the Dinosaur Tracks in Glen Rose
  94. Visit St. Patrick’s Catherdral
  95. Shop at the Dallas Galleria
  96. Eat at the Green Frog
  97. Ride Grapevine Vintage Railroad
  98. Make a Spinach Cheese Pie
  99. Surprise a friend with flowers at work for no reason
  100. See the cattle drive in the Stockyards
  101. Go to the Fort Worth Nature Center
  102. Visit Ball-Eddleman-McFarland house and Thistle Hill
  103. Visit a Coach outlet store
  104. Try Bailey’s BBQ
  105. Go to an Antique Mall
  106. See a movie at the Last Drive-In Picture Show in Gatesville
  107. Host a dinner party
  108. Visit the Tyler Rose Garden
  109. Donate blood
  110. See “The Promise” in Glen Rose
  111. Purchase a subscription box
  112. Watch every Matthew McConaughey movie that you have not seenmatthew-mcconaughey-smile-cute-shirt-1288896635
  113. Purchase a Coach purse
  114. Give a Starbucks card to a friend, for no reason
  115. Visit Justin Boot Outlet
  116. Eat at Downtown Cafe in Weatherford
  117. Go to Scat Jazz Lounge
  118. Make a red, white and blue dish for 4th of July
  119. Make a happy birthday wreath for a friend and surprise them by putting it on their door on their birthday
  120. Do a one-month Instagram challenge
  121. Carve a pumpkin
  122. Make a pizza from scratch
  123. Redo a bulletin board
  124. Get my hair done at Neimans with my mom
  125. Go to Shakespeare in the Parktumblr_llcqinZZMy1qgiaino1_1280
  126. Dress Fancy and go out to dinner
  127. Take a cooking class
  128. Host a scavenger hunt
  129. Get a pedicure
  130. Make a vision board
  131. Eat at Gogo Gumbo in Boyd
  132. Take a photography class
  133. Make a T-shirt
  134. See a Ranger’s game
  135. Make Leaf Art
  136. Get a canvas. Blindfold yourself and splash different colors of paint on it. Open your eyes and see the masterpiece.
  137. Get a camcorder and record everything you do the entire day.
  138. Color an entire coloring book
  139. Feed the ducks at the duck pond
  140. Go Camping
  141. Visit the Mint in Fort Worth
  142. Go to Eskimo Joe’s in Stillwater
  143. Buy a T-shirt from each state I have been to and make a quilt
  144. Take dinner to someone who is having a hard time
  145. Visit someone I haven’t seen in a few years
  146. Buy coffee for the person behind me (Will do again)
  147. Make a list of goals and accomplishments. Put it in a journal to review when you feel low
  148. Try Essential Oils
  149. Spend the night in a town I have never been to.
  150. Do something that scares me

Mack Brown, my hero…

Mack Brown came into my life in 1998. I was a student at the University of Texas in Austin. My dad talked about football quite a bit, but I just politely nodded. I had some understanding of the game, but not enough to have a coherent conversation. Mack changed that.

There was something different about Mack. He was excited for the football program at Texas and he spread his enthusiasm. He and his wife bought pizzas for the students standing in line for tickets. He asked the fans to come early, stay late, be loud and wear orange. It didn’t take long for the stadium to fill with a sea of orange.

From day one, it was clear that he loved these players like his own children and that he wanted the best for them. Mack coaches from the heart. He reported to the media with grace, never placing the blame on just one player. He recognized that his players were still just kids and needed guidance. Every Spring, he and his wife hosted a formal dinner to teach the players proper etiquette.

With a man like this in charge, who wouldn’t be intrigued? I began watching the games and following the program. At first it wasn’t because I loved football. It was because I liked Mack. However as the team succeeded, my love for football developed. In a few short seasons, I could even speak football.

Now that the language barrier was gone, my dad and I had something else in common. Our conversations were no longer so much about the weather or me nodding politely as he spoke football. We were bonding over Longhorn football.

A lot of people have Mack to thank for good times at the University of Texas… about 100,000 people per week for about 12 weeks each fall … However there are few who have Mack to thank for a rejuvenated relationship with their dad.

Thank you Mack Brown. You are a legend at the University of Texas at Austin and a hero in my heart.

Hook’em Horns!


2013 Goals – Year End Review…


Last New Years, I made this list…And now 2013 is almost up….

Bake something yummy
Be happy for 365 days
Be pasta free for 1 month
Become CPR certified
Break the habit of apologizing
Compete in a 5k
Cut out sodas from my diet for one month
Cut out unhealthy relationships in my life
Do a random act of kindness
Do something I hate for someone I love.
Don’t buy lunch at work for one month
Finish couch to 5k
Floss more
Get a 90 minute massage
Get a library card.
Get a new desk
Get an emergency kit
Get licensed in federal court
Get published
Go one week without TV
Go scuba diving
Go to the Texas-OU game
Improve professional wardrobe
Increase my savings account by 50%
Lower my cholesterol.
Make drinking coffee a morning habit
Make drinking water a habit
Moisturize at night/sunscreen every day
Pay off my car
Pick out a complex dish and perfect a recipe for it.
Plan and book a trip to somewhere I really want to go.
Reach my ideal weight.
Read 50 books
Read Frankenstein
Replace laptop
Save 10% of my income
Sew something
Spend an entire day with my best girlfriend
Spend one day without my iphone/email/internet.
Start painting again
Take a hot-air balloon ride
Take a real vacation
Touch the floor w/ flat hands
Try being a vegetarian for a week .
Try meditating each day for a week.
Update my passport
Walk on the treadmill at least 5 days a week
Write a thank you letter to someone who has made a difference in my life.
Write an apology letter to someone I owe one to.
Write more often

Life of A Photog


I recently shadowed some photographers in the post production process. There is a lot more that goes into post production than I ever thought. Even though one of my best friends is a professional photographer, I never realized how much she works… After my shadowing experience, I got to thinking about how much time she actually spends.

First, there is the culling process, which can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour depending on how many pictures were taken. Then comes the editing process, which generally takes no less than an hour and half regardless of how many pictures are taken and finally, the processing, which takes the longest. This was just for a 20-30 minute mini photo session… And to think they had an average of 18 sessions a day for minis. Let’s do the math… That is about 4 to 4.5 hours post production time per session… 18 sessions is 72 hours worth of post production time. HOLY COW! No wonder it takes 4-6 weeks to get your pictures back after a session….and to think my two photographer friends have 40 hour a week jobs, husbands, kids and many other responsibilities…

I asked the photographers if there was a more efficient way to do their post production work and they said not if they wanted to produce a quality product. There is a certain type of file that professional grade pictures must be saved under, which slows down the computer during the culling, editing and processing process. When they are all done, they put the files in a smaller format that us lay people can manage. Needless to say, it’s a lot of work and a lot of time staring intensely at a computer screen. (Can you imagine the headache after 4.5 hours of scrutinizing a computer screen?)

The photographers said that they set their camera up to try to eliminate as much of the culling, editing and processing as possible. However, there are certain things that can only be repaired in post production. Also, I’ve assisted many photo shoots and events with my friend and since I’m not as experienced and trained as she is, I’m not able to eliminate as much as she can. My photos probably have more post production work than hers.

Of course, with every profession, there is a lot more behind the scenes work done by the professional than most realize. I am a lawyer and I do a lot more than meet with people or appear in court, mostly after hours at the office on the computer. (Where do you think that 32 page divorce decree came from?) Well, I’ve recently come to realize that the same is true with photographers. I now feel really bad for hounding my best friend constantly to get me my CD. I called her after this experience and told her that June would be fine for my Family Christmas mini session CD.